I think most travelers would agree that it’s always the unplanned adventures you remember the most. You can read books and blogs galore, and plan to your heart’s content, but when the opportunity to go off your own path comes along, jump on it! That’s how I discovered Rainbow Beach in Queensland Australia.

The unfortunate thing about the best beaches in the world is that everyone knows about them. Crowds of tourists and travelers make their way to these spots and, honestly, that can sometimes ruin the experience. Rainbow Beach is one of the few places I’ve been where you can walk for miles and miles without running into more than a handful of people. The beach is massive, wild and untouched by mankind. The sand is white and soft, but the huge looming sand dunes range from shades of golden, red and black due to the rich mineral content, hence the name Rainbow Beach.

As well as walking and enjoying the beauty of the area, there are also a lot of great options for adventure. Stop and pick-up a boogie board in the nearby town or learn how to body surf on the waves.  If you want to take it up a notch, Rainbow Beach is listed as one of the top areas to try hang-gliding and paragliding. I saw some adrenaline junkies running down the massive sand dunes to launch themselves into the air.

This hidden gem is often overlooked as tourists head right to the famed Fraser Island – which is definitely worth seeing – but Rainbow Beach is worth making the detour to visit. For more information on how to get there, visit the official tourism page.

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