Grand Cayman Island, Seven Mile Beach
Grand Cayman Island, Seven Mile Beach














Grand Cayman is the largest of the Cayman Islands, and besides having a reputation as a safe haven for banking activities, it’s also world renowned as a tropical paradise. The island’s Seven Mile Beach is listed across the board as one of the best beaches in the world to visit, so you can imagine why I was excited to spend some time on this island.


Let’s start with Seven Mile Beach and whether or not it lives up to its reputation. Is the sand a fine, powdery white? Yes. Is the water crystal clear and calm? Yes. Are there palm trees? Yes. That’s a great start, but even with those three essentials checked off the list, that doesn’t automatically make it epic. At least not in my books.

Seven mile beach is seven miles of paradise, as well as seven miles of condos, hotels and resorts. I have a really hard time with beaches as beautiful as this one that have such limited public access. If you’re not staying in one of those hotels or resorts you can pretty much expect to pay an entrance fee to a day resort in order to get access. It’s not a huge cost and you do get the use of washrooms, change rooms and showers included in the fee, but I still find it incredibly frustrating.

The beach itself isn’t particularly deep, so there’s not a lot of space to spread out, even though you have seven miles. And because of all the developments along the water there aren’t a lot of trees or shade either. We ended up walking about a half a kilometer down to find some space to ourselves, and it really was gorgeous once we settled in.

So, would I put this at the top of my “must see” list of beaches? No. There are plenty of beaches in the Caribbean that rival this one. Would I recommend Grand Cayman Island as a vacation spot? Yes…if you can afford it! It’s safe, romantic, family friendly, and best of all you can swim with the stingrays!

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