Although not technically a beach, Stingray City was so much a highlight of my trip to Grand Cayman Island that it warrants a post.

Stingray City sits in a series of sandbars in the northwest corner of Grand Cayman Island. After taking a half hour boat ride out there, tourists can hop in the water and spend some time with wild, but tame, stingrays. And yes, they get nice and close. If you stand still they’ll swim right over your feet, letting you stroke their silky backs as they pass by.  And you can hold one and have your photo taken while kissing your new friend.

Also included in the tour is snorkeling at the nearby coral reefs. The reefs were pretty sparse and lacking fish, so I would have rather stayed over with the stingrays for a while longer. They did, however, let us dive down and collect empty conch shells to take home as a souvenir.

This is definitely one of the most popular attractions in area, because who wouldn’t want to swim with these amazing animals? We got a great deal, $20 for the trip, by going over to the cruise ship ports after one of the ships came in. There are quite a few tour companies competing for business, so you’ll probably get a better deal over booking ahead.

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