After visiting Veradero, Cuba many times because of the beauty of the area and the ease of access to both resorts and Cuban culture, the time came to see a new part of Cuba. A last minute trip booked to Memories Flemenco Beach Resort in Cayo Coco and we were on our way.

The beach is beautiful, but if you’ve been to Veradero you might not be impressed.  Typical to Cuba the sand is powdery white and the water clear as glass, but this beach is definitely facing a few challenges.

The first issue is the abundance of rocks at the shoreline. If you’re young and nimble, they don’t pose much of a challenge, but for anyone with mobility issues it could definitely be a barrier. That being said, as soon as you make it into the water you’ll see that it was well worth the effort. With perfect weather and no wind, the water’s pristine state rivals a swimming pool. And without swimming too far you’ll hit a sandbar, making it a great place to hang out and enjoy the sun with a pina colada in your hand.

Another problem with this beach is its depth. There really isn’t a lot of space between the tree line and the water, but because this area isn’t fully developed yet there’s lots of room to spread out before you hit another resort. On the plus side, there’s tons of shade available if you want to get away from the strong Caribbean sun.

One of the things I love to do on vacation is snorkeling. I always bring my own gear with me in preparation that there might be a reef to swim over. All you’ll see at Cayo Coco is a few small fishies if you’re lucky, but about a kilometer out there’s an impressive reef and plenty of tours or locals who would be happy to take you there.

As far as activities away from the water, there are some options, but the resorts are truly in the middle of nowhere. Cayo Coco is a small island connected to the mainland by a 27 kilometer causeway and most of the tour options are back on the main island. So, Cayo Coco is great if you want to relax in a gorgeous setting and forget about the rest of the world for a while, but if you want to get a sense of the real Cuba and have a more adventurous vacation I wouldn’t recommend this beach.


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